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Hardscape Services

One of the newest trends in homeownership is outdoor living. Ranging from a simple stone fire pit and seat wall to an extravagant outdoor kitchen and swimming pool these elements allow you to enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort and privacy of your own backyard. Rock Bottom Lawn & Landscaping paradise doesn't have to be far away. We help bring all your grand dreams to a reality, and can transform even the smallest space into your own little oasis. Hardscaping not only increases the look and value of your property but creates a vacation that requires no gas to get there.

Hardscape Services, Strongsville, OH Our Services Include:

To decide to add any one of our hardscaping features is an easy decision. The hardest part will be going back inside after you experience your own paradise. Please feel free to browse our gallery, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Rock Bottom Lawn & Landscaping has considerable expertise in designing and installing hardscapes for residential and commercial sites. Our staff works methodically, interacting with you, offering design, and aesthetic advice. Additionally, they will show you numerous material samples to help you decide on the finishes and textures for the hardscaping components.

We have installed a variety of business and residential hardscapes in and around Strongsville, Ohio, over the years. Our knowledgeable staff consists of licensed, qualified, and seasoned specialists who are experts in their respective crafts.

Types of Hardscaping Materials

Hardscape installations are usually permanent. Very few homeowners change the location of their driveways, retaining walls, or outdoor kitchens now and then. We recognize this and construct paths, driveways, and other stone structures that will last for years. Our hardscape designs include many materials, including the following:

  • Natural stone
  • Brick
  • Cement
  • Veneers
  • Interlocking pavers
  • Cobblestone
  • Concrete masonry units
  • Boulders, rocks, and pebbles
  • Other

Hardscaping Costs

Creating stunning landscapes doesn't have to be expensive. We use our expertise, knowledge, skill, and access to the best suppliers to provide our clients with value. Our team will make sure that the plans, designs, and services they provide align with your budget and needs. We maintain competitive pricing with no compromise on quality, which sets us apart from many other operators in the industry.

Our team will ensure that you get unique and robust hardscapes that are easy to maintain. We focus on aspects like practicality and longevity, which means you get an excellent return on investment. We are creative, reliable, and innovative and can handle big and small hardscaping projects on commercial and residential properties. We have built a solid reputation in the field, focusing on customer service and attention to detail and are proud of the significant customer base built in the region.

At Rock Bottom Lawn & Landscaping, we provide superior hardscape services. For more details about these and our other landscaping solutions, please call us at 440-238-3808. If you prefer to write to us, please use the Online Form on this page, and we will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements and project details.