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Seat Walls and Columns

Seat Walls & Columns, Strongsville, OH Having your landscape planned well is a fantastic method to enhance your property's appearance, utility, and value. Perhaps more critical is that you pick the most qualified contractor for the work. Rock Bottom Lawn & Landscaping has been in this business for an extended period. We understand what it takes to serve our consumers in and around Strongsville, Ohio, with superior landscaping solutions.

Local Professional Landscapes

Our business is responsible for every aspect of the project, from inspecting the site to creating 3D landscape designs and overseeing the installation process. Most of our clients want to increase the usefulness of their landscape or yard and building seat walls and columns is an excellent method to accomplish this.

Aspects We Consider While Designing Seating Walls

While that is their primary purpose, we are experts at building walls with integrated seats. There are several reasons why they are an excellent option:

  • Appear appealing
  • They have a dual purpose of supporting the surrounding landscape and providing seating space in the spaces where they are constructed
  • Can be utilized to create stunning fire pits and fireplace zones
  • Optimal space use
  • Because the walls are sturdier towards the base, they contribute to the overall structure's strength.
  • They can be integrated into outdoor kitchen areas and provide seating without taking up valuable floor space.

As you can see, adding sitting walls to your home has various advantages. We can build them to fit the other elements' styling and feel, and they will be developed to your requirements. We work collaboratively with you to implement your ideas.

Range of Landscape Column Options

Columns are genuine accent pieces and the ideal way to add impact to the aesthetic of your house. You can use columns for the following applications:

  • Entranceway Columns - Adding a pair of impressive columns to your home's entrance area is an excellent way to add drama to the space.

  • Deck and Peripheral Columns - Give your deck a personal touch by flanking it with some creative columns. You can also use these features to support the deck railing if required.

  • Fencing Columns - Corner posts, commercial barriers, or perimeter fencing are all examples of fence columns. Additionally, they can add a truly distinctive touch to your outdoor pool space if desired.

  • Gate Columns - If you have a gate leading to your property and looking for a creative approach to framing it, gate columns are for you.

The best materials are used in the job, and our experts will guarantee that these seat walls and columns are perfectly built. Our clients often choose concrete walls since they are more cost-effective and faster to construct. If desired, we can surround these block and brickwork masonry walls in stone veneer to lend them an authentic, natural appearance. We can do the same thing with columns to improve their aesthetic appeal.

At Rock Bottom Lawn & Landscaping, we provide superior seat walls & columns. For more details about these and our other landscaping solutions, please call us at 440-238-3808. If you prefer to write to us, please use the Online Form on this page, and we will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements.

Walls and columns are the features that add variety and dimension to any patio. While functional for seating and retaining they are also decorative accent pieces. They can be built using a variety of materials and styles to complement any patio.
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