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Swimming Pools & Water Features

A pool is an excellent addition to any property, providing hours of enjoyment and relaxation for you and your family. Yet, the swimming pool and its surrounding areas are exposed to the elements, and because of climate fluctuations and constant usage, their look and condition deteriorate.

If you want a resilient feature that will withstand the test of time, you need skilled and experienced professionals like us at Rock Bottom Lawn & Landscaping. We are a market leader in the swimming pool business, with a strong presence in Strongsville, Ohio, and the neighboring communities. Along with unique pools, we design and construct various water features, including fountains, waterfalls, ponds, and streams.

Well-Planned Swimming Pool Installations

Swimming Pools, Strongsville, OH We have the knowledge, competence, and ability to create long-lasting, custom swimming pools. Our company approaches swimming pool installation in a comprehensive and structured manner and offers reasonably priced solutions. We adhere to the industry’s best standards, using only the finest materials and workmanship on every job.

This implies you'll receive superior swimming pool setups that are straightforward to maintain, robust, and long-lasting. From design and planning through site preparation, material selection, supervision, project management, and pool equipment installation and commissioning, we can help. There are several products, machinery, materials, and coatings available today.

We apply our expertise and creativity to design and build an exceptional pool that will increase your yard's usability, charm, and value. Whether you want a simple pool or a one-of-a-kind custom pool, we can assist you. We guarantee all our work, and our crew is here to help you with pool upkeep. Additionally, we manage all repair work, so you receive all these services under one roof.

Custom-Designed Water Features

Outdoor water fountains have a certain allure. Over the ages, designers and architects have integrated them into residential and commercial facilities, and they continue to have a lasting appeal. Because each landscape is unique, we collaborate with you to design water features such as streams, waterfalls, fountains, Koi ponds, etc.

If you have ideas for the sorts of water features you like, share these at your initial meeting. Additionally, the specialists will give feedback and ideas to ensure that you obtain the proper water element for your landscaping. Our team places a premium on robustness, durability, simplicity of maintenance, and beauty when developing and installing these components.

We also place a premium on quality and price, so you can be sure that the waterfall fountain or pond we build will be durable, adding long-term value to your landscape, and enhancing its appearance. Additionally, we can assist you with replacing an outdated water feature in your backyard and adding multiple to more extensive landscapes as needed. Regardless of your requirements, we can offer the most cost-effective options.

At Rock Bottom Lawn & Landscaping, we provide superior swimming pools and water features. For more details about these and our other landscaping solutions, please call us at 440-238-3808. If you prefer to write to us, please use the Online Form on this page, and we will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements.

No backyard resort is complete without a water feature. From full-sized swimming pools to waterfalls to a bubbling urn Rock Bottom Lawn & Landscaping can add the finishing touches to your backyard oasis.
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